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I’m always inspired by the colours, light and textures around me.

My love of the environment and my adventurous spirit came from growing up on my family’s property outside Garah, a little town outside Moree in north-west New South Wales. Here, the beauty of the outback helped shape my early love of light, colour, and connection with nature.

The other big influence in my life at this time was my father. A true gentleman with pure love of life. And it’s this love of life that I try to embody in the art I create.

Studying photography and design in my twenties led me to working for the next 25 years in the eastern suburbs of Sydney with some of the most innovative photographers of the time.

Artists like Michele Aboud, Geoff Lung, Hallie Burton and Sue Adler were leaders in their field who were truly inspirational to work with. They allowed me to explore my creative skills and passion for exploring colour and breaking the rules to influence their images.

My work is also inspired by global travel. From trekking across the ancient settlements of Peru and exploring the amazing fabric of life in Nepal each place I visit is special, leaving a permanent imprint on my memory and creativity.

If you look closely enough you’ll find these influences in my work.


The Wearable Art scarf collection

Sharing the beauty in our world through wearable art brings me joy. Creating keeps me alive, and time stops.

Moving to Noosa in 2015 was the start of an era of discovering a new sense of place, for exploring the natural surrounds of the beautiful Noosa biosphere reserve. And this is the inspiration for my current work.

Every piece in this Anne Williams Designs collection started out as a photograph, capturing moments that took my breath away. My work reflects the unbreakable relationship between art and environment, and every piece I create embodies the enduring influence of a lifetime of adventure.

Printing the photos onto scarves has taken my photos from the walls and given them new life through wearable art.

I hope you love wearing them as much as I do.

Looking to get in touch? If you have any questions, please contact me.